Meet Misty – A Texas, Country Huntress

My name is Misty Lee, I’m a Texas woman who’s always loved the country life. I grew up fishing, riding horses, and hunting mud bugs out of the creek in the woods behind our house. I’ve always been a tomboy but I also like to get dressed up on occasion.

At 38 years old, I’m very active in my community. I am a former Volunteer fire fighter, a member of the Elks Lodge, and I rescue injured or abandoned animals until they can fend for themselves. I’m a very family oriented person, with a Texas sized heart.

I did some hunting in west Texas this past year, and it was a completely different hunt then I’m used to. One look at the trail cam photos and I knew this would be an amazing hunt. There were so many animals coming through the spot, I knew I would have to be patient when choosing my target. We loaded the feeder and called it a night.

Early the next morning, I got in my stand and it wasn’t long before the hogs started coming in. Hogs are overrunning everything and will deter the deer from coming in. I aimed my sights on a good sized sow and took my shot. She jumped and took off to the right. I got out of my stand and went after her but I couldn’t find her.

I doubled back to where I thought the sow was when I took my shot. I was looking for a blood trail but couldn’t find anything. I was starting to get frustrated when I decided to go in the opposite direction. I went about 20 yards and finally found my pig. I was relived to say the least and learned a valuable lesson to never give up and always use a landmark to mark where the animal was when I took my shot.

The one thing I hope other huntresses will be able to take from my experience is to never give up. You know your own shot, you know your own weapon, you know what you’re capable of. Losing and animals can be very discouraging and make you lose confidence in shooting. Be persistent and go after that kill!

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