Meet Queen Alex

Hello My name is Alex, I am from a small town in Indiana, and I have only been a hunter for only a short. My best friend introduced duck hunting to me, she begged me to go on a hunt with her two years ago and I never expected I was going to fall in love. This is my second year duck hunting and every year it seems you learn more and more. Even bad hunts are still fun, I learn from mistakes and try to fix them on the next hunt.

Duck hunting opened the door to so many other things I deer hunt turkey hunt and coyote hunt which is my favorite under duck hunting. I have yet to shoot my first deer, my friend taught me patience is key so I passed on a few deer this season. Hunting is a quality I will pass on to my kids one day, and its knowledge that will for ever be useful.

My dream one day is to travel across the US and hunt in different states and meet new people learn everything I can about duck hunting. It is always a thrill and adventure when I go out. Never a dull moment, I love taking in the environment around me and the sounds and sights. You learn so much about your surroundings sitting out there from dark to sun rise, you get to watch the critters come out to their homes and watch them as they start another day with foregoing and just being wild.

I have witnessed some amazing things while duck hunting, I crept up on a deer and got within 10 5 yards of it, I have seen first hand owls kill prey, I watched a pack of coyotes for 10 minutes while they hung out near where I was duck hunting. I got to watch a fish eat a snake on the water. Its truly amazing and I am glad I am a hunter and will only get better every season. I cant wait to see where this journey will take me.

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