Meet Queen Ashley – Mother, Wife, Hunting Addict

As a child I grew up with a father who was an avid hunter. I was always more interested in his hunts and the stories he told more than my three other sisters. As I got older and started dating my boyfriend, who is now my husband, and a hunter as well. I did not understand the time he spent in the woods as being valued time. Until I experienced it myself. Two years ago my personal hunting addiction started. Being a mother of two boys, I really wanted them to have a love for hunting and the outdoors. Knowing my dad felt the same way, he bought our oldest son his first bow for Christmas. Seeing the excitement in my sons face, I had the feeling that this would be something I would love as well. Within a month of my son having his bow I decided it was the right time for me to finally pick up a bow and experience something I believe I should have done a long time ago.
For the next many, many months I practiced along side my husband and son. After feeling confident with my bow and the knowledge I gained. I decided I finally wanted to become a hunter. My first year everyone said i was spoiled, with the amount of deer I saw. I only harvested a doe that year however it was by far the most rewarding experience of my life. Once my first hunting season ended I decided to try my first archery tournament. Again this was another experience that fueled my archery addiction. During the off season we finally decided to buy our youngest son a bow as well. Now watching both of my sons I can’t help but think this was our destiny as a family sport. Coming into this upcoming season I did many outdoor 3D shoots to practice from all elements, angles, and heights. I again felt confident going into my second bow hunting season. With many sits, and two does down. One very cold Sunday morning at exactly 6:58AM I was taken for the biggest surprise, at 27 yards I had a beautiful 10PT Buck staring me in the face. I finally got to experience “Buck Fever” shaking and freaking out in my head I drew back, unfortunately and with all honesty I placed my wrong pin on him and watched my arrow graze his underbelly. As he slowly walked away I tried my hardest to call him back in with no luck. As sad as I am even to this day I am grateful for even that experience in only my second year of being a bow hunter. People have their opinions about the size of deer and the kill shot. But my mentors, my dad and my husband, always said to me “ A kill is a kill no matter the size or shot and always hold your head up high while walking out of the woods” For this I am grateful again and can’t imagine my life with out my bow. Most importantly as my boys get older I look forward to the day I can sit in the woods with them and enjoy a hunt together. This has officially become my life. I am addicted to Bow Hunting.

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5 comments on “Meet Queen Ashley – Mother, Wife, Hunting Addict

  1. Hard work pays off you put the time in the woods and in the off season making sure that when the time comes your bow will be an extension of your body and the shot will end in a clean kill. Bowhunting is such an amazing sport as it has its many challenges that u must overcome to be successful and for this is why it is a sacred past time of many before us. I’m so glad I was able to further your passion for archery along side our two young children who have also gotten the archery bug , but I am most thankful because I now have a wife who is valued as my favorite hunting partner and together boys included can pass along this amazing sport to future bow hunters alike

  2. Kristen D

    I really can relate to your story as I also and a wife and mother of 3 children and this is my first season with a bow. I have become addicted to hunting, and look forward to the next trip into the woods after each hunt. I haven’t even had a shot opportunity yet, but I wouldn’t trade my time out there for anything! I am learning so much and I pray my children have a love for hunting someday like me and their father do. Your story is an inspiration!

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