Meet Queen Brittany

My name is Brittany. I have been shooting a bow since I was 10 years old and bow hunting since I was 15. I hunt with my dad, Tim. He’s taught me everything I know about shooting a bow and hunting Minnesota and Wisconsin whitetails. We’ve dedicated our life to this hobby and my dad bought some land in Wisconsin and built a cabin on it so we can have a separate life during the fall. We live in Minnesota but our cabin is in Wisconsin and we spend the majority of our time there in the fall. In my 11 years of bow hunting, I’ve shot and killed more than a dozen deer. I have one shoulder mount of an 8-point that I shot 2 years ago. He’s my biggest trophy, although we don’t exactly trophy hunt. We hunt for the venison and for the special time that my dad and I share together. We joke around and refer to ourselves as Jim and Eva Shockey. They are our idols, along with Fred Bear. He is our favorite; we both shoot Bear Archery bows. My dad shoots The Truth 2 and I shoot Lights Out and looking to upgrade for next year. We have a strong faith in God and appreciate the animals we take to feed our family. We hunt with dignity for the animals and never mean for them to suffer. We appreciate just being in the woods and spending time together. If we don’t see deer, we see other animals, and by being deep in the woods, we find a closer connection to God, and it’s never a day wasted.

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2 comments on “Meet Queen Brittany

  1. Misty Bell

    It’s really special that you and your Dad have this togeher!

  2. Thank you! I’m truly blessed!

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