Meet Queen Brooke – A Colorado, Camo Life

Hi there my name is Brooke, and I am small town girl from Colorado. The outdoors is my passion. Whether it’s fishing,hunting,fourwheeling, camping,working, studying or just being outside I am so thankful to have grown up surrounded by beautiful mountains and wildlife. Over the years the outdoors has become my life! I spend every minute that I can doing what I love.
One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is not to take things for granted and even if you don’t get the biggest buck, the biggest fish or the best shots it’s all about enjoying the simple things. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt! Life is about adventure so take full advantage of it! My grandpa is one of the first ones in my family to take me hunting or fishing and since day 1 I was obsessed! He taught me discipline, patience, technique, and how to become one with the outdoors. He also taught me to always have fun, smile, laugh and make memories no matter what.
I have had countless memories of hunting, fishing, shooting, etc but one of my favorite memories was a couple years ago during archery season. I had an elk tag and opening morning just happened to be the anniversary of my grandpa’s passing. I hiked for about 2 hours and just as I came through an opening into a meadow, the biggest bull I had ever seen was standing about 30 yards from me, not even acknowledging me. I drew back on my bow and was going to wait for a perfect shot when a cloud opened up and rays of light hit the elk. He looked right at me for about 15 seconds and it seemed like he bowed his head and started walking away. I’m still not sure why I didn’t take the shot on this trophy elk but it was almost like my grandpa was there and for some reason I just couldn’t take the shot. Of course all day after that I was so mad that I didn’t shoot it and getting discouraged so I had to remind myself of the patience I needed to have. I ended up getting my bull that season but I still think that was one of the best days of hunting I’ve had.
I get a lot of comments on all the camo I wear, i tell people it’s a lifestyle not a color. They laugh it off but to me it’s true. Camo represents the outdoors, and what is important to me. It represents the work that hunters put in so they can put food on their table, it is the blood shed that animals sacrifice to keep the balance of nature and to provide for us, it is about bonding moments between family members and friends, its about memories and experiences! I even had a camo prom dress about 9 years that I recently turned into a halloween costume because I wanted to be able to wear it again. Camo is my life, the outdoors are my life!
About 6 months ago I decided I wanted to go back to school for something that would be more rewarding to me than cutting hair, which I had been doing for about 5 years. I did a lot of research on different degrees and really thought about career choices. I finally decided to pursue a Natural Resource Management degree which I am about to start my 2nd semester in, and eventually transfer to Montana State University to get a Fish and Wildlife Management Bachelors degree, with the hopes of someday becoming a District Wildlife Manager. I found a way to turn my passion into a career. The time I’ve gotten to spend outside while in school has been incredible. I’ve studied everything from fish to bighorn sheep to the slimy tissue stuff that grows in the lakes called didymo. I’ve helped restore outdoor recreation areas and campgrounds, worked my butt off to prove that girls can work just as hard as the guys. Doing all this while rockin my camo and cowboy boots of course!
Like I said, camo is a lifestyle and this is my life!!

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