Meet Queen Chelsie

Being a young woman hunter is so difficult at times. It is frustrating because of all the people that look down upon you and think you are worthless because you are a woman.

My name is Chelsie and I am a woman hunter and I live in Indiana and my favorite game to hunt is geese and ducks. My dad taught me everything there is to know about waterfowl hunting, we lived on a large lake where we built a floating blind and every year would take it down after season and re camouflage it and things to it.

My greatest memories are with my dad out there, my father taught me that duck hunting isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes a strong willed individual to dread that cold weather and extreme conditions.

I also like to fish, again growing up on a lake that seemed to be my only thing to do. Hunting and fishing are the most relaxing yet exhilarating things in my book for an individual to experience. I met someone who has the same passions as me and same goals and now we always spend all of our out door/hunting/camping adventures together. I will forever be a hunter and i am proud of that.

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