Meet Queen Ivory

It was truly amazing to see other women, moms to be so passionate about hunting the way I am! I’m mostly just a waterfowl hunter but within the last two years I joined a local archery club to get me used to shooting my bow that I worked hard and save up for and I went on my first deer hunt this year by myself it was pretty amazing. I got with in 70 yards to a few nice forks in full velvet but I passed them up knowing I wouldn’t have a clean shot at them. Deer hunting here in northern California is very hard we can not hunt does and only two bucks and they have to have at least one fork and we can not hunt them in rut in our area so they are very smart. Luckily I was able to get my first bow kill in on a jack rabbit at 32 yards and finish him at 24 yards I didn’t think I hit him the first time but I actually did it was awesome feeling and he went good in some chili. I’m also a single mother and I love coming home showing my son what I got he’s only two but he knows more than I thought and he loves when I bring home “dinner”. Both of his parents are hunters so this little guy has future hunter all over him. I’m going to get him in to archery as soon as possible he loves seeing me shoot when he was younger I would wrap him on my back and practice. Now hunting is still new to me I was raised by a single mom who is a vegetarian but whom respects me and supports me 100 percent with hunting and bring home food for my family. I feel truly blessed to be able to provide for my friends and family

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  1. Erin loecker

    What a awesome story…love the picture of your child on your back..I think it’s great your out there as a single mom bringing food home for your family.
    Thanks for sharing

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