Meet Queen Jenn – Indiana

Fishing with my dad is the best thing in the word, there isn’t a greater thing a step-dad and daughter can do together. I am 22 years old this year and I love to fish with my father.
My name is Jenn I live in northern Indiana and i love to be out in the woods and out in a boat. Fishing and deer hunting are my favorite hobbies. My family has a cabin in Northern Michigan and every year we go up there and fish our hearts out. From sun up to sun down we are catching crappie, bass, norther pike, you name it and guarantee we have reeled it in multiple times.
When I fish here at home I feel like I am at a loss on where to fish, there isn’t very many options or places, everything seems to becoming industrialized or everything is turning into new neighborhoods. There are a few public spots but its so over fished that you would be lucky to pull up an 8’’ bass.
Let me tell you a little more about myself i am a preschool teacher and i love kids i plan to have 5 and have an awesome homestead where I hunt, grow, and raise my own food.
I love being outdoors it’s the best therapy anyone could need.

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