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QoC readers I would like me introduce myself, I am Kendra. I am a 22 year old women from Washington State. I know what you’re picturing, the big city of Seattle that is so well known for its rainy weather and well, of course, the Seahawks.
I am from a little town surrounded by sagebrush, farms, and the good ol’ Columbia river, the town of Pasco. I am currently attending our local community college, studying to be a radiology technician. I grew up playing volleyball and softball and even went on to play volleyball at a community college. I currently work as a bartender and a legal assistant. Between the two jobs and school I manage to find time to spend with my boyfriend, Josh, who I have been with for a year and the occasional hunt.
I have been hunting since before I can remember. There are pictures of me barely able to stumble through the woods next to my dad and his mule deer holding the heart. My mom and dad both grew up archery hunting with their families. Quite frankly the majority of my family is chuck full of die hard hunters. When I was only two years old my parents got divorced. Most visitations spent with my dad were hunting and fishing. I was privileged enough to have a dad that has taught me so much about hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. I have been able to pass on my knowledge to my siblings and boyfriend. I love being able to teach others all the things that I have learned over the years.
My boyfriend didn’t have the opportunity to grow up hunting like I did. He has done the occasional bird hunting and coyote hunting as he has gotten older but that is about it. This year I was able to take him out and show him the ropes and now he loves it. Although we didn’t have the opportunity to fill our tags we still learned a lot about the area, each other, and he learned a lot more about, well everything that hunting entails. He did not enjoy the fact that I made him rub elk pee on his pant legs or the long nights he spent being woken up by elk peeing in camp, messing with the lean too we built off of the wall tent, and not to mention whatever was knocking our pans around in our cooking area.
I currently rifle hunt, due to the fact that I don’t have as much free time as it takes to put into a good archery hunt and I was promised a Mathews bow for my college graduation present. Honestly, I don’t think I can wait that long. I take pride in the fact that I am able to go into the wilderness and be perfectly capable of walking out with an animal that is capable of feeding my family for months, sometimes even a year. I appreciate the animals and their habitat. I would rather hike for miles with blisters on my feet to respectfully harvest an animal then buy it from the grocery store.
Just to be in the wilderness, is a form of church for me. I feel close to God while I am appreciating what he has created. Just the opportunity to hear the sweet sound of an elk bugling while eating dinner around the fire is one of the best feelings I have yet to feel. Being in the wilderness is a way to get away from the worries of everyday life. It gives me the opportunity to appreciate all that I have. Without hunting and fishing I don’t know where I would be today. I think it has helped shape me into the strong independent women that I am today and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Now that you know a little bit about me I look forward to writing more about my hunting adventures and the lifestyle that I lead with you Queens of Camo readers.

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  1. Catrina Quenon

    Great story Kendra!

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