Meet Queen Melissa

My name is Melissa and I originally grew up hunting back in Michigan. I always loved it, but mostly just went out with my father. 5 years ago I moved to Wyoming and met Tucker who also loved hunting.
He started teaching me how to shoot and to shoot accurately. I was always afraid of wounding an animal. I got confident to start hunting in 2014 with Tucker by my side. Since then I have been on a roll.
Last year I got my first 4×4 mule deer and this year my 6×6 mule deer, both from Nebraska. I also got a nice Wyoming antelope, which was published in your calander this year. Since then I have also got my first coyote.
From being out in the fresh air to enjoying God’s country I will continue hunting. For me it is more of a way of life. I actually use the meat and have learned to cook it well. It’s also more of a sport then people give credit for. I have to stay in shape in order to climb mountains and sandhills. But I love it. Hunting is one of my passions. I have actually offended people with my hunting photos, but it doesn’t bother me because it’s a way of life. I’m so very thankful for the support I have to help me continue hunting. Without Tucker I would not have gotten so good at my aim.
My future goal is to continue hunting and to add bow hunting as well. I love archery season the most. Maybe that will be my new adventure for 2015! I wish everyone luck in their hunting adventures and hope we all are respectful while hunting. It’s important to be aware of boundary lines not trespass. We don’t want people having a bad image of us, because hunters are some of the best people I know. God Bless!

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