Meet Queen Nikki – East Tennessee Mother, Wife, Huntress

My name is Nikki and I’m from East Tennessee. I reside in the city of Maryville. I’m a mother of 2 spectacular young men and I work in a hospital lab when I’m not hunting. As a child up till now I’ve always been an adrenaline seeking adventurous outdoor type of lady. I enjoy rifle shooting at the range, archery, hiking, wild life and scenic photography. Three years ago I met my soulmate and future husband, Curtis. He has been hunting since he was a child and remains passionate about it. He took me out on my first hunt in Rockford Tn the year we met. He wandered how it would make me feel so while I was in position to shoot a doe with a muzzleloader needless to say my heart was pounding, I felt warm all over, my breathing was loud and he just smiled when it was done and said I’ve always felt the same way. I’ve been hooked ever since! Nothing else comes close to the feeling you get while hunting. I feel closer to God being out in his beautiful landscape involved with something he provided for us. I hunt whitetail and turkey. One day I hope to hunt an Elk and a Bear. We fill our freezer every year plus we donate to the hunters for the hungry program. This year my fiancĂ© and I will be volunteering for the wounded warrior project which I’m very excited about! The only regret I have is not hunting earlier in my life because I was missing out on what makes life worth living along with my other blessings.
I’m glad to see more ladies hunting and I hope to see a bigger clothing line for us.

This turkey was taken in 2015 with a 12 gauge

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