Meet Queen Pamela

Hi My name is Pamela. I am 47 and began hunting around 10 yrs. ago with the help of my husband. I quickly became obsessed with it. Watching t.v. shows and reading up on things where ever I could to try and learn as much as I could about whitetail deer. I started out bow hunting. Then after 2 yrs. I went and took the course so I could gun hunt as well. Now I hunt with a crossbow and black powder gun.
It took me about 5 yrs. before ever getting my first deer. Then my interest began to grow and I wanted to try getting a turkey during bow season. Many years went by with no success , but I refused to give up. I had taken many shots but just could never connect. Always close , but no cigar.
In 2015 my husband got me a black powder shotgun for my birthday . Which just happened to be right before turkey season opened . I quickly began practicing to get the feel of the gun so I would be ready when season got here. Low and behold I finally got my first turkey in 2015. The picture taken was in front of my neighbors house . My neighbor Violet had past away in February , 2015. That turkey was for her. She was 87 when she passed and whenever I harvested a deer she would always get excited and come out to see. So I give credit to her for that harvest , I knew she was watching over me.
Now on December 22, 2015 my father passed away and every year on Christmas day me and my husband go on our annual Christmas day hunt. It’s what we do on this day every year. With the recent passing of my father , I took this opportunity sitting in the woods by myself to talk with my dad. As I was sitting there talking to him, suddenly this flock of turkeys flew in. There were about 5 or 6 of them. The majority of them went away from me, but this one turkey came walking to me and when it got 20 yards I shot it with my crossbow. I was beside myself when I hit it. I did finally after all these years of trying I got a turkey with my crossbow. I began to cry at first . Then I thanked my dad for being with me and at that moment I knew he really wasn’t gone.
This past year was one filled with many emotions. Some good and some , well , not so good. But I learned a couple of things, first never ever give up trying to reach your goals. If you don’t succeed , please don’t give up. The greatest joy is just being able to be out there and you can’t succeed if you give up trying. Secondly, cherish the ones you love and always remember they are never really gone. They will always walk beside you, whether you know it or not. Thank you for letting me share my story.

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