Meet Sarah – The Newest Queen of Camo

I’m Sarah and I’m from Northeast Iowa. I am a CNA/EMT at a local hospital. Hunting hasn’t always been a part of my life. In fact I have only been hunting for about 7 years. It started with my cousin inviting me and my husband out coon hunting. I was scared and uncertain but I went. And boy did I have a blast. We got a couple dogs and we started going out often. I told myself I wouldn’t hunt deer. I bought my first gun, a .22 and I got comfortable shooting it. I then became the primary shooter with my husband as we hunted the hills of Northeast Iowa. I decided to give it a go deer hunting. I had only known shot gun hunting as my dad suited up and did that every year. So I borrowed a shot gun and went out. I didn’t get anything but I wanted to deer hunt. I bought a shot gun so I had one for deer hunting and could practice shooting. So I went out shotgun the next year. And the next year. My 4th year of trying my dad invited me muzzleloading.

I tagged my first doe. The following spring I tried my hand at Turkey hunting and reaped a beautiful 28 pound bird at less then 5 yards. My next challenge was bow hunting. I purchased my bow and started shooting 3D. Archery and shotgun left me no deer. Spring turkey of 2015 brought another milestone, I was fortunate enough to double with my dad. My archery turkey tag went unfilled with a miss at 25 yards. Archery deer season 2015 started out slow. I paused for a day to try for my muzzleloader tag and bagged my first buck at 15 yards. I resumed archery to have a shot at a doe, complete pass thru but it was snowing and dark so we couldn’t recover her even after a search the next morning. That left me heartbroken. But I also know it happens. I am a proud Pro Staffer for Wild Game Drops and a proud Field Team Member at Huntress Wear and MtnOps. All time spent in the outdoors is cherished time, especially when I spend it with people who I love. So whether I am sitting in my deer hut waiting for a deer, or crawling on my belly to reap a turkey, I take in every moment. The true hunter knows that the harvest is the smallest part, the big part is the heart and souls and time you put into it.

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