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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and growing up a city-girl, hunting was never a thought that crossed my mind. Then life changed when I moved across the country to a small community in the beautiful, majestic mountains of British Columbia. After settling into a new province and lifestyle (which was quite the culture-shock), I met my husband and best friend Neil, who is an avid big game hunter. I knew that if I wanted to see him on weekends I would have to join him hunting. I accompanied him on many hunts and just observed. I started looking forward to our weekend hunting excursions. After taking the hunting course, obtaining my license and joining the local wildlife club, I was ready to go! I purchased my first rifle and lots of target practicing was done during the summer. I remember wondering if I would be able to pull the trigger on an animal when the opportunity arose. It did not take long to answer that question as I bagged my first 6×6 mule deer buck that very year. That was it! I was addicted! Our weekends were filled with hunting throughout the entire season. It became a family affair as our two children would join us on our hunts.
Now, many years later, nothing has changed. The hunting season weekends are still going strong. Our kids have families of their own and our grandchildren are learning to hunt. It is a tradition that I am proud to see carried on.

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  1. I can relate, although I grew up in the country, I was never allowed to hunt add a child, because I was a girl. My husband, like yours,is an avid outdoorsman, and goes to hunt camp and spends many hours in the woods. I wanted to spend time with him, so to the woods I went as well. He is my best friend, and i love that he let me into his world. Good luck to you on your seasons.

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