Meet Tori – A Dove Hunt and a Chucky Cheese

Often men spend a large amounts of time and money consumption on a bird dog and they also bond with them. My dad did not see the pride in a bird dog necessary when he had two perfectly good retrievers known as my sister and I. What’s better than two girls 6 and 3 years of age to track down doves? Our dad would shoot them then we would race to find the dove and we hoped for it to still be squirming so either of us would have the privilege of popping its head off. I would tear off the wings and my sister would pop off the heads. What better place to store the remains of our “reward” but in the pockets of our little camo overrals. After all the birds were shot what better way to celebrate than to go to chucky cheese in camo and all? My sister and I are the kids that have to ride everything and touch everything more than once by the way. So as we came home my mother was cleaning our overrals out and to her surprise feather galore was inside of our pockets. My pockets contained many feathers and wings and my sisters had countless bloody dove heads. Needless to say my mother made sure that dead animals stayed put at the house from then on.

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2 comments on “Meet Tori – A Dove Hunt and a Chucky Cheese

  1. Kelly Westpfahl

    Cute story!!!! Poor mom and the laundry lol!!!

  2. Erin loecker

    So cute!!! Love this can relate!!

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