Misty’s Corner – Cedar Creek Fishing Tourney

I was fishing a tournament on Cedar Creek Lake up by Fort Worth last summer in June. It was a very busy weekend for the lake. There were family’s out tubing, boating, fishing. People out just enjoying their summer on the lake. There were also three different bass clubs fishing tournaments on the lake this particular weekend.
My partner and I had been in last place since the day before. We’d run into some problems and had a late start which made for a bad day.
First cast was at 5 am , and it was a beautiful morning for fishing. The water was calm and it was warm out. Sun-up wasn’t for about half an hour so we were fishing in the dark.
I love top water baits and was using my favorites but wasn’t getting anything. Neither of us were. We moved around, changed lures, and still nothing. I pulled out my go-to lure and still got nothing. I was getting frustrated and anxious.
The day wore on and we used spinners, jigs, cranks, and my partner finally got a bite on a plastic! We went after them with plastics but wasn’t getting much attention with them.
It started raining at this point and we took shelter under a bridge. We talked about how the lake was really being over fished, with so much activity on the lake that weekend. Then I decided to use something I thought the fish couldn’t possibly have seen much of.
With a pink worm and some blue worm dip I caught my first good keeper of the tournament! There was about an hour before weigh in and we went after it hard! I managed another good sized bass and my partner got another!
We moved from last to 5th place! There is always room to think outside the box! My lesson learned is, when things are looking down, stay positive and don’t give up. Continue giving it everything you’ve got and trying every avenue of approach. If I would’ve given up, we wouldn’t have been able to turn things around, and for that, I wanted to share my experiences with my outdoors women.

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