Misty’s Corner – The Good Ole Trout Line

Have you ever run a trot line? It’s a lazy way of fishing for a good amount of fish. I have enjoyed many mornings and nights on the river or lake running trot lines. The most exciting was the night I caught a 56 pound monster catfish!
Many people will tell you not to fish in the rain but if there isn’t any lightning there shouldn’t be a problem. The fish like clear skies but even some moonlight is better than none. Always remember safety first in the outdoors.
We put out a small trot line, maybe 7-10 hooks, in my favorite catfish honey hole. It was raining off and on through the night and partly cloudy. We threw our cast net over and over taking turns until we had enough perch to bait all of our hooks. We got in the boat, a small john boat, and baited our line. This is the lazy part, we left our line, and went to dry out and relax while we wait.
After a few hours, we went to check our line. The empty milk jug tied to the top of the line was really moving so I knew we had at least one by the jug. I grabbed a hold of the line, pulled up and, the biggest catfish face I’ve ever seen came up at me! It startled me and I almost dropped the line back in the water.
I got him in the boat and we were headed back to land. I couldn’t belive the size of this beautiful fish! You really can’t imagine my excitement! He weighed 56 pounds and we were able to have a good fish fry for the whole family!

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