More than a Pursuit

Why do you hunt? For most people, it is primarily about the pursuit. However, sometimes having a tag in your pocket is just an excuse to get out and enjoy nature’s beauty. A pristine sunrise, as you overlook mountain ridges on a crisp fall morning, can paint a view that will put any Picasso to shame. Sheep hunting is the perfect example of this, especially in an over the counter (OTC) area. Legal rams are rare, but pure mountain beauty is abundant.

The mystique of hunting animals above the tree line in rugged, remote, and challenging terrain excites my very soul. The first time I climbed to the top of a mountain, I was not only rewarded with a first class view, but also with a feeling of accomplishment. To this day, I still feel the same way every time I reach the top. I know this is a rare opportunity that most hunters will never get to experience, so I take full advantage of enjoying every moment on top of the world.

Wonderful panoramic views don’t come easy. Every vertical inch has to be earned. Not only do I need the conditioning to make the ascent (and descent), but a strong mental attitude is a must. The high country wilderness has many dangers, from predators and violent weather, to challenging terrain that can be dangerous to navigate. Fear and intimidation are just as dangerous. Conquering these physical and emotional obstacles adds to the rewarding feelings of accomplishment.

Once there, I make a point to stop and take notice of the small details. From curious little critters, to dwarf pine trees frosted with goat fur, you can only live these moments in the alpine. I follow the ancient paths carved in the scree slopes by generations of animals. I have the utmost respect for the game that carved these trails while living in such harsh conditions.

Sometimes as I am scanning the distant basins and cliffs from my ridge line view, my mind strays. I start to ponder about what others in the world are doing at that very moment. I envision the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether it be at a shopping mall, stuck in traffic, or running daily errands. Or, are there other girls lucky enough to be enjoying untouched wilderness and breathe-taking views.

Although I urge all of you to jump at any chance you can to experience the high country, make sure you don’t overlook the beauty of every wild place you visit. Enjoying nature doesn’t require you to embark on a grand adventure. It can be taking notice of the small details as you sit silently in a stand. It can be watching the interaction of a doe and fawn as they feed out in the grey light. Look for your reasons that keep you passionate about hunting and the outdoors. Natures wonder is all around us, as long as we take the opportunity to truly see it.

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