Mule Deer Emotions

At a mere 12 yards, I was sure that the bedded buck would hear my pounding heart. The story of how I had come to be standing on that coulee side, with bow ready to draw, was emotionally exhausting in itself. My first archery mule deer was about to reshape my life. The moment was now intensifying to a level beyond any I had ever experienced. Being so close to an unaware animal was overwhelming. My palms were sweaty, my tense chest had me struggling in short breathes, and thousand thoughts flooded me.

A blown opportunity haunted my mind from earlier in the season. Although I was confident in my skills, I was not mentally prepared for the moment of truth. As well, my lack of experience pursuing prairie mule deer left me standing there defeated while the buck bounced away. I did not want to make the same mistakes again. I pushed those negative thoughts out of my mind and focused on the opportunity in front of me.

Like a switch had flipped inside of me, I went from worried, to determined. I reigned in my fluttering emotions as the buck’s ears started to perk up. This time I was mentally ready. My release tugged on the string and soon my instincts had my bow anchored and ready. With a sway of his beautiful rack, he rose up to stretch. The moment came together, and my arrow was on its way.

Kneeling down beside my buck, with a smile from ear to ear, I gained a better understanding of myself. Mastering the skills of finding game, getting within range, and shooting accurately are just one piece of the puzzle. Understanding my fears, worry, doubt, excitement and adrenaline made the hunt something special. Many of the reasons I hunt are not points that I can just jot down in list form, but rather a wide range of emotions that words only begin to describe. I’d love to know the words you use to describe your emotions, and the reasons you hunt.

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5 comments on “Mule Deer Emotions

  1. Tiara Forsyth

    Great job!!!!

  2. Laura

    Such a beauty of a buck ! You are one gifted huntress!! Not everyone can hunt like that! It great to see woman out hunting most men 😉
    The hours you put in to get this buck makes it well deserved .

  3. Incredible….. You words are true to life experiences and provide the reader with an in the moment adventure. Clear and crisp, emotional and full of excitement. Love it!!!


  4. Brian Douglask

    I have just started viewing your blogs. Very interesting and I will continue to follow them.

  5. Very nicely written. It is great to read the account of how a person experiences, “the moment of truth”, and the mental war you go through to control your emotions and thoughts. Well done! and congrats on that fine muley buck! He sure is a beauty.

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