Mushroom and Turkey Season

Today I walked outside and got hit with several rain drops, I took a deep sniff of the fresh Spring air and thought to myself that smell can only mean 2 things. Mushroom and Turkey season is approaching! Last year was my first time going hunting for turkey’s, I wish I could say I ended up with a bird but unfortunately that’s not the case. Since I had never gone turkey hunting before my boyfriend took me on every adventure, I loved those semi warm, wet, rainy mornings in with woods with my favorite huntin buddy. I remember walking up on quite a few Jakes and army crawling through the mud and under a bobbed wire fence to make sure they didn’t see us, I was strictly after a Tom and a Tom only. Our last morning of season we were both sitting up against this very large tree, we heard a gobble, then another gobble, just getting closer and closer. We finally had the bird in sight in the very bottom field at the end of our woods and Tyler said he would go one way and I would go the other, while Tyler was making calls just bringing the bird closer, I crawled to a better location, hoping I would get that kill shot that his gobbles had been pumping me up for. Unfortunately the bird got spooked and took off flying through the woods. There was absolutely no chance of a kill shot, so I lowered the gun and said “better luck next year” and that’s all apart of the game. However, the past turkey season wasn’t a complete loss, I did find a lot of delicious mushrooms that I love so much and a pretty neat little turtle!

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  1. Love your Blog Mimi Miracle…..

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