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One of the other controversial equipment discussions in bow hunting is about sites. Fixed pin or adjustable, size of the site pins, tapered size, etc., what do you prefer?
I can tell you I have tried many of sites and brands. I’ve tried both fixed and movable sites, and can see where both would come to play. I like fixed pin sites the most for both hunting and target shooting. I would probably like movable one pin for target shooting, except it typically throws you into an unlimited, more difficult class or category in 3D. I’m not saying I agree with that, but I’ve seen that is typically the rule. For hunting I can see both as well, but to me if I’m shooting within close distance to an animal, I can’t really move to adjust my movable site to the according yardage without being busted by the animal. If I have set pins, usually for me from 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40, then I know what order they are in, and I have to make a slight eye adjustment to make the appropriate shot, without all the moving around.
As far as size of my site pins is concerned, I like the tapered site pin sizes, starting out with my first 3 being a little larger size, and my 35 and 40 to be slightly smaller sizes, allotting for less movement of shot placement. If you think about it, make a circle with one hand, and use the end of a pencil as a site pin with the other hand in your circle. Up close the larger pencil pin wouldn’t make that much of a shot placement difference, but moving your object farther back, your coverage area is way different. Now compare the same with something a little larger than the pencil end. You will see the difference in coverage area by just the size of the pin. If an animal’s further away, and the pin’s smaller, you are more focused in on your target at hand, making a more accurate shot placement.
I also prefer different colors of pins as they taper down on my site. If I have to make a hurried shot, guessing my distance at whatever yardage, say 30 yards, I want to know I can count down and stay focused on the appropriate colored pin for 30 yards. It’s too easy to count down and then use the wrong pin for a different yardage if they are all colored the same.
Sites come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, so go try lots out before making your choice. Things that may work for some may not work for the game you typically hunt, or the tournaments you usually shoot either. You will have to know! Let us know what you find and like or don’t like!

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