Meeting Mimi

Hello QoC blog readers! First I want to thank my readers, you guys are all awesome and I appreciate you coming back to read my blog! Now, I never formally introduced myself. My name is Mimi Miracle and I am from Southern Indiana. I am 21 and a beginning huntress, I just got my first buck back in 2013 (Which if you read “The Buck I Thought I Missed” then you already know that) – I absolutely love being outdoors; hunting, fishing at the lake, hiking, shooting skeet and of course going jeepin! I grew up on a big farm with tons of critters, which played a huge roll in my life. Growing up on a farm allowed me to participate in 10 years of doing4H (not to count Mini 4H!) showing Pigs and Cows, along with tons of projects and a few leadership clubs. It also taught me how to keep a good head on my shoulders, and not to mention the thousands of memories and life lessons with my Poppa Bear! I honestly wasn’t around much hunting growing up, my Dad would occasionally go squirrel hunting but I never showed much interest in that. My first time deer hunting was with my cousin Greg, we saw a big group of does that morning and a pretty good sized buck. I didn’t get that feeling that I get now, you know that feeling when you see a deer walk through the morning fog with the slightest strays of sun beaming through the woods, that feeling of pure joy, excitement and a little bit of nervousness. I just didn’t get that, I honestly didn’t think I liked it. I never would have guessed that years later I would be this crazy obsessed lady that uses her vacation days from work for hunting seasons. When I was 16 I started dating my wonderful boyfriend Tyler, he was and still is an avid deer and turkey bow hunter. He and his family were always talking about hunting; they made me want to give it another shot. I went out a few times by myself with a shot gun and still just could not get into it. I thought about why it wasn’t as interesting to me as it was to Tyler, so I decided maybe my problem was that I was sitting on the ground up against a tree with a gun.. I bought a Mathews Passion and bought myself a tree stand, set up a food plot and camera and honestly I have been hooked ever since. It made it more of a game, practicing made me feel like it was more of a challenge then just ‘aim, and fire’. And honestly I like hunting much better by myself, don’t get me wrong I like having my boyfriend by my side but I pay much more attention to the woods and my surroundings when I’m alone, I hear every leaf crunch and every branch move. There’s just nothing like escaping to my tree stand. The funny part though is that my first buck kill was while sitting on the ground, up against a tree, with a gun and Tyler by my side. Go figure right! Hopefully this year I get one with my bow though, and if I do I’ve been thinking about upgrading to the Mathews Jewel but we’ll see about that. Other than hunting and outdoors I work a Monday Friday desk job doing registration at the hospital. I also own a bullet jewelry business, I sell at our Fair every July and I also sell out of a local boutique. So there you have it, now you know a little bit about the person behind the blogs you read. Thanks again for reading!

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