My Hunting Bucket List

I know as a hunter that many serious hunters have a bucket list of game and places that they’d like to hunt. I love to hear each hunters account of where their dream hunt is, or after what game. Sometimes these dream hunts are with certain people, not necessarily after a certain game or at a certain location. I’ve often thought of each scenario.
Most that know me know my dream hunt is for a Big Horn. I personally have no concern as to where I could go for one, or who I’d go with. I would love for my husband to be along with me, but if I had to, I would go alone. I love all the thought of the hunt for a Big Horn. I am astonished at the difficulty and expense of just securing a tag. Once that is done, the rest can be worked out. It’s such a small, coveted tag that the thought of obtaining one far surpasses the thought of winning the lottery to me.
If you asked me where I would love to go hunt, if anywhere in the world, I don’t know that I could sum it down to just one place. I love to go different places in general, so there’s not one that sticks out that I just have to try. I do want to go somewhere that I have to pack far in, on horseback, with the traditional camping out in the snow and ice, with pack mules, etc. That to me is “where,” if you will, that I want to hunt. It has no specific name, just a look and feel, if you will, of packing in to get there. There would definitely be untamed game and wilderness wherever this would be.
I’ve always said if I could hunt with any person in general, I think it would be Jim Shockey. I am very fascinated by him, his life he’s lived, his family involvement, and his contributions to hunting and the world of the outdoors. He’s accomplished more with primitive arms than most people ever get near, much less by any means. He’s accomplished a super slam of North America even! He gives back to fellow hunters, and cause worthy organizations, more than imaginable, and continues to support these groups such as SCI, because he knows the importance of these groups in sustaining our hunting rights and heritage.
This is my hunting bucket list, so now tell me yours!

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