My Tot’s First Bow

Okay, so it’s just a suction cup plastic toy bow, but its still her first bow. While camping with some friends, we picked these toys up for our toddlers. I’m sure they would have preferred to play with the iPads all weekend long, but there has to be a limit where you kick your kids outside and force their imaginations to take hold. It rained most of the time we camped so their was no lack of mud puddles around which Emmy decided were her targets. She spent a little time slingin’ her little suction cup tipped arrows right into them. Mud puddles to a toddler are endless sources of entertainment. I hope that she really starts to enjoy this toy, so in a few years, Mommy can go get her a real bow. I have little day dreams of warm summer evenings target practicing and chilly fall mornings hiking to our tree stands together. Fingers crossed this piece of plastic is part of a concrete bond between my daughter, my family, myself and archery.

Jul 14, 2013 | Category: Blog | Comments: none


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