Nena’isms & Randomness

The following are a bunch of random thoughts I felt like sharing with all of y’all! A bit of helpful information and some that is just FYI and just my mere opinions….. A little window into my world!

  • My favorite color is Green!

  • Spider eyes sparkly under your flash light ….For the longest time I thought it was crazy dirt or something. Then one early morning I investigated and found it to be a bunch of spiders with their little eyeballs staring at me.

  • Don’t swat bees. It gives them a reason the sting you!

  • Coral snakes- remember red touches yellow kill a fellow!

  • Check your boots for creepy crawlers. Don’t a stinging surprise!

  • Shuffle feet when wade fishing through salt water…..sting rays are not a nice!

  • Patience pays off!

  • Take a kid hunting….it’s a blast! There is nothing like seeing the world through a kids perspective!

  • When it comes to wild game recipes be open minded.

  • Cactus is edible and makes a good jelly!

  • Pay attention to scat and tracks.

  • Crickets are good luck, don’t squish them!

  • There is nothing lip gloss and a smile won’t fix! Just some Girly logic for yah!

  • Bring extra ammo and a first aide kit!

  • Mind over matter, if you try hard enough you might trick yourself into stuff…….like being warmer when it’s freezing!

  • A girl can never have to much Camo or amo or guns…..oh yeah!

  • Scorpions glow under a black light and can crawl on the ceiling, ahhhhhhhhh!

  • Oatmeal can help itchy bumps.

  • I’ve never shot a Polka Spotted pig…..and I want to soooooo bad!

  • There are such things as mermaids 😉

  • Daddy long leg spiders don’t hurt you, and can be interesting to watch.

  • Pickles help with motion sickness.

  • Not all rattle snakes rattle so don’t forget your snake boots.

  • If you have to you can use your sock for tp!

  • Check the blind before you get in….you might not be alone.

  • Play the wind in your favor.

  • Always bring your knife, and remember a dull knife is a dangerous knife.

  • Let others know where your going

  • Armadillos are faster than they look!

  • Don’t pee on your feet or walk through it afterwards.

  • You float easier in salt water.

  • If hogs or javelina chase you, climb a tree, and climb it fast!

  • I will try just about anything once, with the exception of sky diving! There is no way I am ever jumping out of a perfectly good plane!

  • That noise in the bush is not Big Foot! But in case it’s a zombie I’ve got it covered, ha!

  • Do not drink the salt water or let your dog do it either. It will dehydrate you.

  • Use your bird dog for a pillow in the blind, if they will let you!

  • Don’t forget the dog treats, or to tell your retriever how awesome they are!

  • I am thankful for Mother Nature and her furry, scaled children!

  • In my opinion you are never to old to play in the rain….Age is just a number.

  • Laugh at yourself, don’t be so serious!

  • Love life….it’s great!

My mind is all over the place….like the wind! I just thought I would share a bit of it with you. I could go on for days with those little FYI’s! Queens of Camo fans I would love to hear some of our random thoughts about hunting, fishing, the outdoors, and life in general! Please share!

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One comment on “Nena’isms & Randomness

  1. Tom Payton

    Haha That’s good stuff Nena! Start my day with a smile!

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