Never a Dull Moment

I use knives on a daily basis. I actually keep one in my purse for opening boxes, cutting apples, and self defense. I have one for scuba diving, fishing, and one that I carry in the field hunting. A girl can never have to many knives, or camo clothing, ha ha! You really never know when a knife might come in handy. I am very comfortable using and handling blades. I grew up with a father that collected knives and taught knife self defense classes. He has a Martial Arts studio where he teaches specialized classes, one of which was handling and using knifes as self defense weapons. My father also makes custom, one of a kind skinning and fillet knives. So with all that knife exposure, needless to say I have been schooled and am very at ease using a knife. My years as a taxidermist helped with my knife skills as well.
When it comes to knives the biggest thing to worry about is having a sharp blade. In my opinion dull knife is a dangerous knife. The times I have cut myself have all been with dull blades. When the knife blade becomes dull you have to use more force to cut with it and you sometimes lose some control by doing so. When you loose control is when you are more likely to slip and cut yourself. The sharper the blade is the less effort you have to put into making the actual cut. So keeping your knives sharp is always a good idea.
I always have a knife on me when hunting. I have use it to cut brush, field dress, and skin out animals. It gives me a sense of security carrying a knife while hunting. I sometimes carry two. I have one in my field backpack that I take to the blind with me and keep one on my side in a pouch type holder that slips on my belt. Another reason for keeping a sharp blade is for skinning. If you are skinning out a hide for taxidermy mount or to have tanned you do not want holes in it. A sharp blade aids in a better skinning process. It really makes for easier all around processing and cleaning when your knife is sharp.
There are many different methods and stones out there to use for sharpening your knives. The knife edge can be sharpened on hand held stones, belt grinders, and electric sharpeners. You can even sharpen the edge on a coarse rock if you had to. I like to use the electric sharpeners that plug into the walls for my kitchen cutlery. The electric ones are good to put a better edge on fast, they are less time consuming. There are also water stones, diamond hones, ceramic hones, among a few others materials that you can use to sharpen your knifes with. Some people use oil and some people use water with these stones. It really is a personal preference and what you find works for you. Much like gun cleaning everyone has their own little tricks.
From cutlery in the kitchen, pocket work knives, fishing fillet knives, to field skinners and bowie knives used in harvesting animals; knives come in handy in every day life, hunting and fishing sports. I keep my edges sharp because I use my knives often. They are almost a necessity for me every time I go on an outdoor adventure. A sharp knife is a great tool to have with you in the field!

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4 comments on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Jason

    Great post. Next to your gun, your knife is the most important tool to have with you on a hunt. I love quality steel honed by skilled craftsmen, and while you can get excellent knives over the counter, there is nothing like the feel of a well-made custom knife in your hand.

    Hello, my name is Jason, and I’m a knifeaholic. Like you, I usually carry more than one with me into the field…and I have spares in my ditty bag back in my truck.

    My custom, full-tang, Bob Dozier D2 hunting knife is my constant companion in the field and is proof that a great knife makes work easy.

    Jason in Texas

    • Nena

      Lol….knifeaholic! That is so true, you know you have a problem when you keep one in every spare place possible! I have started to collect them. I will give any reason or excuse to buy a new one! Happy to hear another blade lovers confessions, ha ha!

  2. Jody Geistweidt

    Awesome read Nena! Really enjoyed it! Very good points about the full knives being more dangerous.

  3. Nena

    Thanks Jody! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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