New Concerns as a Huntress with a Family

It is no secret that guns are a hot topic in politics and the media, but what about at playdates? i recently read an article on CNN about how parents should consult with other parents about guns in the home before allowing a playdate. So along with “what time?” “where do you live?” and “Susy has X or Y allergy.” you should expect to hear; “do you have guns? where do you keep them? and How will you make sure that they are removed from the kids?”

To be honest I am not entirely sure how I feel about sources suggesting that these questions are necessary to ask. Part of me says, “ok, I would want to at least know that guns were stored safely if my child were going over”, but another part feels that we should be encouraging parents to talk honestly with their children about and educate them about guns and gun safety. With the proper education we can ensure that no matter what happens at another person’s house the kids will know what to do.

We should not encourage judgement and fear of parents who choose to have guns. instead we should hope that they care enough for their own children to lock guns away and teach their kids that they are not toys. Of course accidents do happen and people can be careless, but if a gun were to be left out do you trust that your child would know to walk away and tell an adult? Have you spent your time teaching your children how you would like them to handle a situation or have you spent it avoiding the subject and questioning other parents?

I think that both should be the norm. It should not be so taboo to have a talk with your kids about guns. The same way you talk to your kids about strangers and how to handle them, give your kids the tools to approach a situation with guns the same way they would a stranger.

I am concerned about the mystery that hiding and “secretizing” guns will have on kids. Curiosity and defiance are powerful and dangerous. I hope that when I have children, parenting books won’t list “ask about guns” as a course of action for childhood get-togethers. I hope that as a group of women and mothers (some of us) that we can help to shed this stigma and encourage women to talk to their kids and teach them how to respond.

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