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I recently attended the National Rifle Association 2013 convention in Houston Texas. It was just to close to home not to go and well being the gun enthusiast I am, and NRA member I couldn’t miss it! Entry was free to all NRA members, a very cool plus! Boy I’m glad I went…. to say the least, it exceeded my expectations. The only down fall I have to say was the terrible food and long lines. I ran out of time and was unable to see everything and ended up with heart burn from a horrible grease burger.

There were hundreds of booths set up with everything from guns, accessories, outfitters, to organizations and clubs. It was a little overwhelming at first because I wanted to see all the booths and hear the speakers and go to the seminars, but knew there was no way I could see it all. In retrospect I should have had a more organized plan to see it all….. only 1.6 minutes at every booth, lol! I was easily distracted and deviated from where I thought I was going to well, something I didn’t know was there.

The convention did not just have merchandise to look at, it also had several guest speakers. There were several Governors and Congress members…Our Texas Governor Rick Perry, and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz were among some of them! There were also a wide variety of seminars to take part in. From classes on Wild Game Cooking, Dog Training, Self Defense Classes, to Concealed Carry Laws and Gun Rights. You name it and there was probably either a class or a booth about it. There was a little bit there for every outdoorsman needs. I even ran across bows and bow accessories, it was not limited to things pertaining to just firearms.

The NRA is a great organization that helps fight for gun owners rights. I have been a proud member for years now. I really enjoyed the convention and many other things the NRA does for its members. I came home with a few new T-shirts, lots of cool stickers, magazines, buttons, and brochures. Oh, and not to mention my new never ending gun wish list! There was this adorable 22 short that was engraved and just beautiful that I can’t stop thinking about since I went. It was a great time and I hope to go back every year that I can!

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