Offshore Addiction

The hum of diesel engines and the gentle rolling waves rocking a boat put me in a trance! The best sleep I have ever had has been on a boat! Then there is the sound of a screaming reel! FISH ON!!!!!! I have never seen people jump up so fast from a slumber than when a real goes off. If my alarm clock sounded like a screaming reel I might not push snooze so often!

Staring at the spread for hours you sometimes start to see things that may not be there! You know like mermaids, pirates, and the kraken, ha ha! Then like magic its not your imagination….there really is a fish swimming after the lures. There are so many reasons why I love to fish! I have seen many amazing things out on the Gulf of Mexico! I have ran across whale sharks, pilot whales, giant squids. My husband has even seen Orcas in the Gulf! I have witnessed jumping billfish, double headers, crazy night time under water creatures, flying fish, water spouts, scary rainstorms, freaky fog! The memories go on: the smell of rotten bait, tan lines, sun burns, having to use a bucket for a potty cause toilets broken, peoples first time catching billfish….oh and there is more! There have been amazing photo ops, being able to see every star in the sky, eating the freshest sushi ever from a fish you just fought! One thing is for sure, offshore adventures are just as unpredictable as hunting, equally enjoyable, and just as addicting!

If you haven’t ever been you should try it! If you get sick, no worries, there is something to take for that. I use to be a sea sick angler. I liked fishing so much I would just tough it out, barf, and real in fish sick. Then I discovered the patch you get from your MD. It truly is a magic motion sickness no more patch. I swear by it! I haven’t been sick on a boat in 6 years! I also have a few other tricks that work. Don’t think about getting sick. Keep your stomach full, pickles are great for an upset belly on the water. Don’t let yourself get over heated or dehydrated. And if you feel bad stay out of the cabin and maybe go for a quick dip in the water to get your mind off of it. Sometimes it is a mental thing for people. My sea legs come back about halfway though the first trip of the season.

Most people who hunt also fish! They are very complimenting sports! Both provide food and fun for the ones involved! I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts on fishing! I have an offshore addiction…..get hooked! It’s one of those healthy kind of habits 🙂

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  1. Tom Payton

    You have it bad Nina! Awesome. I love hunting more than anything, fishing is a close second. I am also a fan of that super fresh sushi ! Fresh yellow fin or sea bass my favorites!

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