Opening Day Turkey Hunt

It was finally opening morning of turkey season in Kentucky. I had been anticipating this day since deer season ended in January. I couldn’t wait to test out my new Little Runt decoy.
It was a cold, crisp morning with temperatures in the 30’s, which made me a little nervous about how active the turkeys would be. After putting out Little Runt, and getting set up in the blind, I patiently awaited daylight. As I suspected when daylight broke the turkeys weren’t as vocal as I had hoped due to the cold temperatures. I felt confident we were in the right spot and shortly we would see some strutters.
The fog started to lift of off the pond, and after a few quiet calls I spotted a Tom. He was about 250 yards away. I watched as he strutted on the hillside for about fifteen minutes. As I continued to call he finally looked in our direction, locking eyes on Little Runt. He couldn’t get his mind off of the decoy, and decided to come on in. The Tom was in full strut and ready to spar.
I waited until he was about 10 yards away and clicked the safety off of my gun. Slowly I pulled the trigger…I heard “click”. Not the BOOM I had expected. The firing pin in my gun had malfunctioned. Knowing the gun could go off on delay I continued to hold in position. With ease I turned my safety back on, and grabbed my husbands 20 gauge for the final kill shot. It was an exciting, yet very nerve racking hunt. One that I will not forget! I’m also convinced that Little Runt made it happen for me.

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One comment on “Opening Day Turkey Hunt

  1. Erin loecker

    This is a great turkey story! This is one I would like to eventually check off my list.i have family in Nebraska who hunt turkeys a lot!! Hopefully next year I will be able to go! Here in Montana it’s a luck of a draw to get one of the five tags! Thanks for the awesome story! Great read

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