Outdoor Inspiration Leads to Conservation

There are a lot off things that I am passionate about in my life! I am driven both personally and professionally by my knowledge and experiences with the outdoors. Hunting and fishing just so happen to be two very influential things that I take part in for several different reasons. I have made some of the dearest of friends hunting and fishing. I am a healthier individual because of both sports. They both help me eat a very organic diet and keep me active. Among all the things hunting and fishing give me there is one thing that stands above them all. The biggest thing that I have found my love for the outdoors has given me is inspiration! I get my inspiration for my artwork from being outdoors hunting and fishing.

There is a sort of clarity and peace of mind that comes to me and helps with my creative process watching animals in the wild and being offshore on a boat. I could not do what I do artistically without experiencing many of the things that I have on hunting and fishing trips. My love for hunting and interest in animals took me to many different artistic avenues. I began painting and taking photographs of the animals that I hunt and the fish I caught. Those animals began to fill my creativity! Thank you Mother Nature for your Ocean and Forrest and the animals that inhabit them!! I love your cotton candy skies, sapphire seas, furry friends, and scaled creatures! They have all helped my mind create and come up with so many things that truly satisfy my inner artist and creative soul! I love painting and I wouldn’t know what to paint if it wasn’t for seeing so many beautiful things first hand out in the field hunting and in the water fishing.

I find my inspiration for my creative artwork from my out door experiences! My outdoor inspiration has lead me to the path of conservation! Being an outdoors woman I feel it is extremely important to help support your local conservation groups. I am a proud supporter of The Ducks Unlimited chapter in Corpus Christi Texas. I donate art for their auctions to help raise money for their projects. I think without research and land conservation hunting as a sport will be nonexistent. My Grandmother let DU put ponds on her farm and I have seen first hand that a little bit of effort with conservation can go a long way toward helping animal habitats. I also donate art to and am a member of the Coastal Conservation Association. It’s a great feeling to get out and help your local conservation groups! My creative inspiration comes from nature and I am on board with conserving it!

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