Preparing for the Hunt

One of my favorite parts of hunting, is the preparation that goes into it. From setting up treestands and trail cams, to discovering the current patterns where deer are traveling. It’s always exciting to discover a different place the deer may be bedding and even more exciting to see the new yearlings on the ground while scouting. I like to get an early start on my preparations.

A few months before deer season is time to prepare or repair stands and look the hunting area over well for things that might cause deer patterns to change. Something as simple as a tree falling over a well used trail can cause a large shift in deer movements. Look for crossing in old fence rows that may have opened up over the year and are well used deer paths now. If you have permission, consider cutting some fence to funnel deer into a specific area that you hunt. This is also a good time to make final preparations to your food plots.

I usually start setting out trail cams in May or June each year. I like to get a heads up on what I’ll be seeing this fall. It also gives me an idea of what other animals are in the woods. I’ve had a huge problem with hogs the last few seasons. I’ll set out feeders later in the year.

Some other parts of the preparation process, including preparing yourself. There are many factors during a hunt that are out of our control: weather, animal movement, and wind direction just to name a few. However, there are a few things we can control. Physical condition and shooting ability are two very important factors that will stack the odds in your favor.

Shooting ability is critical factor for success. With today’s technology and wealth of information, there is no excuse for being a poor shot. Get to know your bow or rifle and practice as much as you can. Practice a variety of distances to find your maximum effective range. Practice regularly and get to know your weapons.

Getting yourself in good physical shape will not only make you a better hunter/outdoorsman, it will also make your hunt more enjoyable.

These are few of the things that go into preparing for a hunt. There are many others to consider that can be discussed at a later time.

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  1. Charles Nugent

    Excellent blog well put and good advice for new hunters

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