Product Review – Butler Deer Feeder

I set this feeder up over the weekend. I am hoping to make it one of my main feeders, as I put in one of my “honey holes”. I maintain this area and keep the feeders full. We also brush hogged and cleared away brush; so hopefully, we can get some good pictures on the trail camera.

This feeder is a 30 gallon tripod feeder from Butler Hunting Products. It came with the legs that required being bolted on, the drum, lid, lid ring, a Remington timer, and a motor.

Assembly was quite simple. The feeder is made of a durable plastic. The legs are metal. You have to screw them into the plastic barrel. It came with all the screws and washers needed to accomplish this. So all it required was less than 10 minutes of time and a screw driver.

For the price I paid it was well worth the money. Easy to program with several feeding times and amounts of feed dispersed. I would definitely buy another one of these if I need one.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.05.32 AM The programmable timer allows you to schedule 10 different feeding per day and the feed-dispensing range is customizable from low-high on the duration, each lasting from about 2 seconds to 20 seconds. I like that the timer offered several options for times to throw feed and the duration for which it would throw. Some timers don’t allow for as many options.

I have it go off for a couple of seconds in the morning and 5 seconds in the evening and it keeps the deer coming around without bleeding me dry with the price of corn.

The feeder motor is protected by a metal varmint-proof cage. The metal feeder feet give it that extra stability. It operates on a 6-volt battery which was not included. The company included extra screws and washers, in case I would need them.

Overall, it’s a good feeder. I would prefer not to have to screw each of the legs on. Granted, it was only a few screws and took like 7 minutes, but most other feeders, the legs are attached directly to the barrel. It’s plastic, not metal. It’s possible that if a strong enough wind came, it might blow over. Those are really my only concerns so overall, great feeder. Nicely designed. Holds lots of feed. Came delivered to use, just had to screw on the legs when we arrived at our destination and attach the timer and hook it up to the battery. I would recommend Butler feeders to anyone.

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