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Have you found a cooler that is built to your standards? Have you found a cooler that is more than just a cooler or just a name brand? I currently own an Orion Timber 45, and I use mine for more than keeping drinks cold.


Orion makes coolers that are grizzly bear tested and approved, now I may not live in Grizzly Bear Country, I do have a two year old with thumbs and thats close enough. Orion coolers has a place to lock your coolers with a pad lock. So if you’re at a gathering with friends and you have those few who linger and look for free drinks in everyone else’s cooler, now you don’t have to guard yours.


Scared someone might walk off with your cooler? Orion has set the bar with slits where you can chain your cooler to something so no one will walk off with or the goods inside of it! This feature is nice if you are traveling with your cooler out in the woods or throughout the trails with your quad, jeep, or any off road machine and don’t have room inside you can tie down or ratchet strap it down.



The cooler market is growing, and growing fast and it seems to me personally none is paying much attention to how you securely keep your cooler closed? Competitor coolers seems to use some kind of a rubber piece that simply slides into an opening and thats how the expect us too keep them closed. Orion is different, their locking systems are like none other, they feature and integrated locking system that is flush with the cooler and cant and won’t rub or snag on anything that can accidentally open the cooler. with the design you can clip essentials to the metal rings like keys flashlight or anything important.


Orion coolers come in many shades of colors and have a foam pad top that is comfortable for sitting on and it grips your feet when standing on the cooler. These coolers feature bottle opener built in and a track system where you can mount cameras, cup holders, and if you get technical you can mount your fishing rod.


Inside the cooler there are slits where you can separate the inside maybe if you wanted one side iced and the other not, you can do that. Orion comes with a hanging plastic storage compartment that is inside the cooler to keep smaller things out of the main compartment. These coolers come in basically every size you can need, and also any color. I can say I am a proud Orion Cooler owner and will forever use and promote their products!!

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