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I had never heard of CamoTrading before, but I am so happy I found it! When first getting on the website I did not like how the first page had pictures of girls in camo lingerie, only because I was at work and didn’t want my co-workers or boss thinking that was how I spent my down time. I did however like how organized the page was, on the side were tabs of all the categories. I just clicked through what I thought id like, which ended up being everything! —
I found more than a few items I’m definitely going to be ordering. They had a lot of really unique furniture, apparel, home decor, and my favorite; knickknack’s .. Those unique little things that make a house a home. I have a lot of antler stuff in our house, so naturally I typed the word ‘antler’ into the search bar, and that is how I found this beautiful product! The cross was originally around 70 dollars, but was actually marked down to 59.95, who doesn’t love a sale?!

After ordering and receiving I was extremely impressed with packaging, the product was placed inside of styrofoam, wrapped with bubble wrap then placed in a very fitting box that had every edge taped. I feel confident that when I order from them again my item(s) will be delivered safely! The cross was so detailed, I really liked how heavy it was, I felt like that made it worth the money (basically it wasn’t cheaply made) the curves and coloring were absolutely perfect.

Something I really like about the cross is that I can put it anywhere, right now it’s in my bathroom but I might move it to my bedroom. It looks good anywhere and has a very sturdy ridged hook on the back for secure hanging. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.—

Here is a link to the product itself:


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    Looks great!

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