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Hunting is a challenge all by itself but SUCCESSFUL hunting is even more of a challenge. When you’re out in your stand or in your blind, there are many factors that affect whether or not you’re going to catch a glimpse of that deer you’ve been tracking all summer or better yet get close enough to actually take a shot. Scent control is one of the major factors and Dead Down Wind, in my opinion, is the best. Just like if a thief were to come into our homes when we’re gone, deer as well know when someone has been in THEIR house. We leave our scent behind with our footsteps, when we touch leaves or our stands, even when we simply walk through the timber checking our cameras. Although total scent elimination is impossible, Dead Down Wind offers products in every area to control the scent you leave when you’re out hunting.

Personal hygiene is the first critical step in scent control when you’re in the woods and Dead Down Wind has several products that absolutely are the checker in that area. After using the Body and Hair soap, my hair was not only soft and clean but I found that after using it my hair was void of any previous shampoo smell and basically scent free. Roll on antiperspirants tend to break me out under my arms but the Dead Down Wind 3D Scent Prevent Antiperspirant rolled on easily without a rash or breakout.

I cannot and will not live without lip balm when out in the woods, whether in a stand, a blind, or just crouched down by a tree somewhere. Dead Down Wind’s Odorless Lip Balm is perfect! It fits right in your pocket and the best part is it’s moisturizing so your lips don’t dry out. There is nothing worse than chapped lips while you’re waiting for a deer to stop by your favorite hunting hole. I also strongly recommend DDW’s Odorless Hand Sanitizer. It’s a 1-step odor eliminator that kills 99.99% of germs in seconds and the best part is absolutely NO odor whatsoever. I love it.

The first thing we do at our house every year right before bow season begins is wash all of our clothes in scent control laundry detergent. Our go-to detergent is Dead Down Wind because it’s the best out there at controlling and eliminating odors from your hunting clothes. I have used many different brands of scent eliminators and find Dead Down Wind to be the most effective. Another product I used in my review of DDW is their wash towel and I am going to stock up on this item. They’re a hunter’s “baby wipe”, easily accessible for on the go and really are the next best thing to a shower. You can use them for hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, sports, you name it…this little gem is a must have for your hunting bag and it’s 100% biodegradable.

And last but not least every hunting household has their fair share of field spray and let me tell you that DDW’s Evolve 3D is proven to work each and every time. I sprayed our clothes down before going out on that last day of Missouri’s bow season and I’ll just say that I had two does and a little buck come to the base of my stand, look up and never miss a beat. In the past, using other products I have had a different experience where the deer definitely smelled me…not this time. You are not going to be able to fool deer but you can sure as shootin’ cut down on your scent in the woods and eliminate and control as much as possible. I believe Dead Down Wind is the best product on the market to do just that.


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2 comments on “Product Review – Dead Down Wind

  1. Nicole

    My husband got me the Dead Down Wind lip balm (since i have a chapstick addiction) and I absolutely love it! I can still keep my lips moisturized, without making the blind smell like Wild Berry!

    • Kelly Westpfahl

      Exactly!!!! I’ve got to have my lip balm as well. I’ve got several different ones in my fanny pack but DDW is what works best for me!!!

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