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Over two weeks ago I applied Jamberry nail wraps to my toe nails. At the current time, Jamberry Nails operates much like MaryKay or Avon, you can purchase them through their website at or find a consultant and order through them.

Upon receiving the samples and reading through the instructions, I was somewhat hesitant at first. It seemed rather complicated having to prepare your nails for the wraps. Once I began, the process seemed to get easier. You simply make sure your nails are clean, find the best fitting precut size, heat it up, apply it, trim it to your nail, and heat it again. The application process was very easy and took no more than 10 minutes to do all my toenails. Perhaps the hardest part of the whole process was choosing which design pattern I would try. I’m typically a very boring polish kind-of girl, so wearing something crazy was a bit of an adjustment. I finally settled on Peacock. Actually, because I have such short toenails, I decided to keep the ends a little longer than the nail so more of the pattern could be seen.

The product retails for $15 per pack, which sounded somewhat steep in price to me. However, after wearing the wraps for more than 2 weeks with minimal issues, I would definitely “splurge” on this again! I’m very active and constantly outdoors and Jamberry Nails held up! I mentioned minimal issues, because the pinky toes did wear off when I wore high heels. Please keep in mind, this could have been to user error – I have very weird pinky toenails. J TMI? However, I was able to take the wrap and re-apply to the nail.

I have received so many compliments on my toe nails! The first day I wore them, I had four different co-workers say how good they looked. People are amazed that I painted the design – then when I tell them it’s a wrap that I did myself, they are even more impressed and asked where I got them!

Being an outdoorsy girl, my polish often chips or wears off quickly. I rarely wear fingernail polish because I’d rather have no polish on than chipped polish. Now that I know about Jamberry Nails, I will definitely be able to wear polish on my toes and fingernails without having to worry about unpolished nails. Jamberry Nails currently has a camo pattern as well, which would be so cool for those days we go out hunting! I can still be girly while hunting by having my nails polished and protected. Although I haven’t tried these on my fingernails, I’m sure they would also protect against chips and breaks in the nails. Being outside a lot, I seem to break a lot of nails!

I love the sheen and durability of this product! I cannot wait to order another color (there are over 275 designs) and have it on my fingernails! It will best nice to have color on my fingernails that isn’t chipped and dull! I would, and have, recommend this product to all my friends!

Laura Ashley Barton
Executive Producer

Jun 18, 2013 | Category: Blog, Product Reviews | Comments: 1


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  1. I am so happy to hear that you gave Jamberry Nails a shot (pun intended). It is nice to feel girly and having pretty nails does just that. Thank you for sharing your experience with the women of the world. If you would like to know where you can get some for yourself: Host a party and earn FREE products! Email me today for more information. (email is located at the top of the website listed)

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