Product Review – Klenz Towel

Klenz Towel: Product Review

The history behind the Klenz towel started in the 90’s when a U.S. Marine was searching for ways to keep clean while on patrol without access to any means of bathing. The answer that was developed became the Klenz Towel, an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, unscented, alcohol-free, residue-free cleaning solution on a material made of grass and wood called “HydroKnit” with a common anti-bacterial agent and aloe.

I spent the morning clearing some brush and sweating through yard work in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity so I figured that would be a great situation for testing the product out. The package is just slightly bigger than my hand, thin and very portable. You simply just tear it open and wipe yourself down. The Klenz Towel is 2′ x 4′, so there was plenty of towel to go around and get off the initial grime and dirt, but still have some material left to really clean yourself. It was really durable and there was no tearing or bunching while I was scrubbing. There was no scent that I could detect and it dried off my skin very quickly with no sticky or greasy film at all.

Picture 3 I could picture using these towels in all kinds of outdoor situations and might even be something I would keep in the glove box of my car. There are endless uses for Klenz towels and the product lives up to every description they
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