Product Review – Maddie Hayes All Natural Insect Repellant

Hey ya’ll, Katie here from East Texas. It’s that time of the year again for scouting out your hunting grounds and planting food plots and setting out cameras. I’m kind of getting a late start this year.Being from the deep Piney Woods of East Texas it’s hot and humid and our mosquitoes are like our state bird! They’ll pick ya up and carry ya on vacation if your not careful. I was given a bottle of Maddie Hayes’ All Natural Insect Repellent when I won Mrs. December in the previous calendar contest, so I figured why not, let’s try this stuff out! I sprayed down both arms. I wasn’t really enthused about it being oily like tanning spray but I figured hey, if it keeps the bugs away I don’t mind it one bit! I did however, like that it smelled like natural plants in the wild. Like Citronella plant, a natural mosquito repellent. I was in the woods a good hour and 45 minutes almost 2 hours and never had one bug bite, or never had a bug land on my arm for that fact. I would recommend this product to anybody going outdoors, hunter or non-hunter. You can bet I will be ordering me some more Maddie Hayes’ All Natural Insect Repellent.


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    Great information!!!! Love the blog!

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