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Maddie Hayes Naturals is a company that makes insect repellents and lip balms that were “inspired by one awesome dog, made for people.” Their dog Maddie Hayes survived a rough bout of tetanus and is a tough dog and inspiration to their company which is something I loved before even trying out their products. I received their Insect Repellent and Lip Balm to try out and review.
Maddie Hayes Insect Repellent -Overview
My first impression was that it was a pump style bottle, not an aerosol that can blow away in the wind, in your face or on others. A pump style dispenser allows for control of the product, instead of wasting it. The repellent is DEET free and uses essential oils like Grape Seed Oil instead of filler products making it an Earth friendly product. Their website advises that the insect repellent is effective in repelling mosquitoes, black (biting) flies, deer flies, gnats, “no- see-ums,” sand fleas, and chiggers.

Picture 15 Application & Functionality & Scent
I knew I would be outside a lot over the 4 th of July weekend and was excited to try the repellent. I had just moved further out into the country and had noticed some mosquitoes and other bugs around more than I wanted. I pumped a small dime size amount into my hands and began applying to my leg. I put the repellent on one leg and not the other to do a comparison. A little does go a long way with this product and despite oils being used it was not greasy, oily or running down my leg. The repellent absorbed almost immediately into my leg and I didn’t notice it the rest of the night
I set off fireworks and spent almost 3 hours outside at dusk and during the night when bugs are sometimes the worst. Not only did I not have mosquitoes biting my legs but as I sat on the ground, tail gates, and chairs I never felt the product. It was never sticky or oily; in fact I forgot I had it on. I didn’t get bit on the other leg either but with the repellent being so close to my other leg I’m sure it didn’t matter. The one leg test was more for the feel of the product on my skin; women will love how the oils make their skin feel soft and Grape Seed oil is a natural antioxidant too.
The other benefit of the repellent is the scent. Nearly all insect repellents that work have some odor or the company attempts to add a fragrance to cover the odor which makes it sticky or smell worse. The natural oils provide a light fragrance that isn’t overwhelming and gradually disappears with time, women (and men) will love the light scent and I only smelled it during the initial application. The only negative I could find about the repellent was that the light smell may not be 100% practical when hunting. Hunters try to be as scent free as possible and I am not sure how the animals would react to it. I’ll have to try it out during hunting season! The repellent is great for fishing or anything outdoors and back at hunting camp for sure though!
Maddie Hayes Lip Balm Picture 16 .
The Maddie Hayes Lip Balm is my favorite. I never wear lipstick and rarely wear lip gloss or lip tint so lip balm is my go to product for my lips! The lip balm is made with shea butter and doesn’t contain petroleum or sugar (which I recently learned after speaking with the Maddie Hayes owner that sugar is the ingredient that causes someone to lick their lips). The application was smooth and felt light on my lips. It lasted for hours without reapplication and never got sticky.


Maddie Hayes products, both the insect repellent and lip balm, worked great and their products are Made in the USA which I proudly support. Check out their products at their website and LIKE their FB page
P.S. My miniature dachshund Muzzy was excited about a product inspired by an awesome dog and wanted to be in the pictures too! J

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