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PRT Products or Professional Retriever Training Products is a company that keeps man’s best friend in mind at all times. The passion and commitment for all dogs, especially retriever dogs, is evident in their website, company and their products. I received the Hammertime Tie-Out Stake to review and although the stake is developed for dogs weighing 40-100 pounds, I was still going to put this to the test. Muzzy only weighs 12. 7 pounds but I had an idea of testing this with him regardless of his weight.



The Hammertime Tie Out Stake is made from 24 inches of 5/8” cold roll steel (available in black or orange) meaning it’s an extremely durable product and can be used time and time again. PRT did their research on other tie out stakes to ensure there wouldn’t be tangles or snags when the dog is tied to it or broken stakes from being used in the hard ground. When training any dog, daily use is required and therefore this kind of product must be made to withstand a lot of use. Not only will you be using this product for training purposes (when labs and other large dogs are the most clumsy and obnoxious) but it will be used during hunts and stressful times for the dog. Durability is top notch for the Tie Out Stake and is evident as soon as you have it in your hands.


The function and design is simple: push the stake into the ground, tie your dog to it and your ready to go. The stake is only 2 feet tall allowing for a low profile to keep your dog from being constricted from moving around freely and the swivel top with optional chain attachment is pure genius; no tangles or snags to frustrate you or the dog.


Woman’s View and Use

I was interested to see how the product performed in South Texas with drought conditions. The ground in the area I hunt is always so dry, hard, cracked and even covered in rocks in a lot of areas. I am a small woman who sometimes has to get creative when pushing stakes in the ground for my ground blind so I was a little hesitant about how much effort this would require. Surprisingly with the pointed end, two foot length and even a little grip spot on the swivel, I was able to securely fasten the stake in the hard ground with just a little elbow grease. Bravo on a job well done!


The size of the product is also perfect for the female hunter, dog trainer or sport dog enthusiast because it can easily be packed with your other gear; there are not numerous pieces to put together, take apart or lose. The swivel loop can easily be used as a hook to attach to a backpack or belt for easy carry outside and into the woods or near water.


Dog Tested, Owner Approved

As I mentioned my dog, a miniature dachshund named Muzzy, is not your typical retriever dog, however, he is an amazing hunting and tracking dog; once he is on a scent it’s nearly impossible to get him off of it. This becomes a problem when we are hunting hogs. Although we want him to follow the blood trail and track the downed hog, there are times when the hog is still wounded or we need both my husband and I to drag him out of the brush or back to the truck. None of this is possible, with a fired up dog who wants to get the hog. More importantly it is not safe for Muzzy or me. If I need to take a followup shot on a wounded hog, I cannot hold the dog and take a good shot quickly. The tie out stake is perfect for little Muzzy and me to keep him safe and protected.


I have grown up around labs and other retriever dogs and using this simple, yet innovative design for training retriever and sporting dogs would definitely be something I recommend. The price is perfect for a tool that will save time and last for years to come. No more tying your dog to a tree or having to hold a leash at all times. PRT products produce a quality stake with a flawless design that is simple, portable, and durable. Check out their website for other products like Bird Dryers, Blinds, Gun Stands, Launchers, and Stakes at:

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