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Rite in the Rain is one of those companies I can’t believe I didn’t know about and wish I would have years ago! I was beyond excited when I received the All Weather Hunting Journal Kit, a little skeptical of waterproof paper and pen, but none the less excited.

Rite in the Rain’s website states “Rite in the Rain is a patented, environmentally responsible, all-weather writing paper that sheds water and enables you to write anywhere, in any weather” and has numerous products to fit EVERY need. Everyone can use this paper including those in the tactical, construction, agriculture, public safety, underwater and sportsman fields. It truly can be used everywhere.


The design of the journal kit was the perfect size for packing along in a backpack, purse, or tote bag and even includes a fabric pouch with clasp closure to store the notebook in. It is small, durable and well made. This notebook is filled with waterproof sheets that have one side of lined paper and the other side includes all the details to document your hunt. I received the Turkey Hunting notebook which includes an entire page of details to fill out when hunting. Items include the date, county, and state your hunting in, environmental factors to record such as moon phase, temperature, wind speed, direction, and cloud cover, and hunting notes such as which weapon used, which calls were used and what responses of “turkey talk” did they generate and finally a place to record your harvest details of beard length and spur length. All of these and so much more are important items to record when hunting that we normally forget the next time we are out!

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Unfortunately, Texas is in an extreme drought, so rain has been scarce. I took the notepad with me in the ground blind a few times while hog hunting but it never rained for me to test it out. Even though the details page is for turkey, I was still hoping to use the other lined pages for notes. Personally, I love writing and although technology has taken over in so many areas, I don’t have a water proof phone that I can use in the rain to write blogs or notes. And even if I did, there is something so simple and nostalgic about using a pen and paper, especially in nature. I know other women love to write and will love to take advantage of this product as I did.

With no rain, I had to test it out without just running water over it – that’s not fun! So I set up at a waterfall and got to work. First, because I was skeptical I ran it quickly under the water just to see what would happen. There was a small part of me that just knew the paper would curl up and be useless but I was wrong. The water beaded up on the paper and ran right off! I was impressed, but now I had to be able to write on the paper. As I stood under the falling and misting waterfall and wrote “I heart Rite in the Rain” on the notebook I was impressed again. I only had one misstep with one of the letters that I had to go back over with the all weather pen. There it was – my little love note with water all over it, without ink running anywhere and the paper still intact! Thumbs Up! I have no doubt that this product will work in the field, in a tree stand in the rain, and in every weather situation I can think of. I am looking forward to getting the bow hunting journal to take with me on my hog and deer hunts!

More Positives…

In addition to the all weather products that work, Rite in the Rain is a great company for other reasons too. Rite in the Rain products are proudly Made in the USA in Washington and regardless of the durability, their paper is 100% recyclable and is MADE from post-consumer recycled materials! Some of the Rite in the Rain products (20 and 32lb papers) will also last hundreds of years and meet the archival criteria. This company is by far one of the most green and home based that I have seen in a long time. You can even order custom colors, page patterns (lined, graph etc) and so much more! Please check out their website for ALL of the details and videos at


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