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Having lived and hunted in the Northeast my entire life I am no stranger to the cold. I have spent many hunting trips straining to stay still while my nose and cheeks slowly lost feeling. As a chef and the resident camp cook my breath is something that I battle with while on a hunting trip so I was excited to try the RZ Mask.
I tested this product during the summer time but its wonderful qualities were not lost on me. I tested a youth size which was perfect for a person my size. I fastened the strap around my neck (I find this to be more comfortable when I am wearing a helmet as suggested on the packaging). I had the mouth guard fitted with the scent blocking filter. The fit was very comfortable and I was able to breathe easily.
My face was covered in all the right places and I had a good range of movement. I could tell the the majority of my breath was being blocked by the scent blocking filter.
Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 11.12.41 AM I tried changing out the filters to put on the “regular RZ” filter. The instructions on the package were easy to read and the process was quick and simple. I loved the ease of use and the quality of the materials.
One of my favorite features of the mask was the mesh on the cheeks. I liked this because it allowed the skin and your fact to breathe while the rest of my face was warm.
I noticed that there was a “concealed pocket” where the Velcro is on the back, and I was not sure what I would keep in the compartment but as a women I can safely say that you can never have enough places to stash things!
Overall I was very pleased with this product and I look forward to using it on all my future (cold weather) hunting trips, ATV rides, and snowmobile trips!

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One comment on “Product Review – RZ Mask Breath Safe

  1. Tom Payton

    Thanks been looking for a mask that won’t catch my breath and freeze!

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