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Sigma Outdoors is the creator of EverScent game attractants. They designed mess free twist tube scents that can be used as an attractant or a cover scent for hunting wild game. Their product claims to last longer than your ordinary liquid scent because the crystal gel technology is infused with a natural scent. However they do not give an exact life expectancy on the product because temperature, humidity, and sunlight can affect the length of use. The scent on the product is released by twisting the tube and allowing ventilation of the scent.


The product I reviewed was the EverScent Acorn deer attractant. The product came in a pack of 3 -2oz mess free twist tubes inside a plastic carrying case with small hanging hooks. They contain a natural liquid based scent that to a deer smells like an acorn.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.02.41 AM Reviewing the product:

I used the product following the directions on the packaging. I was able to find a branch sturdy enough to hold the little hook that attached to the loop hole on the tube. I twisted the tube allowing the scent to emerge and hung it from the tree about 4 ½ to 5ft off the ground. The hooks provided were a little flimsy but I was able to make them work. I left the product hanging from the tree for a couple of days and came back to check the results.

After 3 days in the woods, the scent tube was completely empty when I arrived back to check it. There were several deer tracks near and around the tree that the product hung from and they seemed to absolutely love it! It worked very well as a deer attractant and was very clean and easy to use.

I think this product would be great for bow hunters during hunting season to not only attract more deer but to also get them to stop and smell the scent giving you a nice clean shot. This product comes in a variety of scents and I felt the cost was very reasonable ($17.95) and shipping was free. I would highly recommend this product to hunters looking to increase their chances of seeing does and bucks on their future hunting adventures.

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  1. April – Thanks for a great review of the product! We would expect three days of full open vents to be evaporated during summer conditions when exposed 24×7. Under normal hunting conditions where the vents are exposed during the hours folks are hunting (and then closed and taken back with them) and the cooler conditions of fall hunting, EverScent has lasted the entire season. I’d like to also mention there is EverScent Choice which is a wick based version with the same ease of use but you add your own favorite scent of “choice.”

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