Product Review – Sitting Hawk Chairs

The sitting hawk chair claims that it is lightweight, versatile, and that it can be used for any outdoor adventure, no matter the terrain. The company claims that it will not sink in mud and can be adjusted on the most uneven terrains so that you can set even and perform at your best.

I’ve always wanted a decent, comfortable hunting chair. After finding this one, I set out to test the claims.

Comfort- This chair is very comfortable. I am short, 5’1, and so most chairs I have trouble placing my feet steady on the ground. With the adjustments this chair allows for, it was simple to make the chair fit me. The chair consists of 2 pieces of foam, one that you sit on and the other that you lean your back against. Both are 2-3 inches thick are very comfortable. If you’ve ever set in a metal stand for hours, or uncomfortable chair while hunting, fishing, or watching T-ball for that matter, you know how important foam can be.

Performance- This chair is very versatile. The legs are fully adjustable for any terrain. Whether you’re on uneven ground, in mud, or on solid ground, the telescoping legs allow you adjust the position/angle/height of the chair, to ensure the most comfortable position. All you have to is adjust the pins, by removing and reinserting them into a new position. It’s very simple and can be done quickly without a lot of effort. The design also is great for bow hunting or rifle hunting. It allows you to freely move should you need to shoot to the left or right, or even behind you.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 8.28.58 AM Carry/storage- It is lightweight (8.5lbs) and easily folds up and has backpack straps that allow it to be easily carried to your destination. Make sure you put it on your back the proper way to avoid the metal legs slapping you in the head. It is easy to carry and even holds some of your other gear when on your back. It folds up almost completely flat and will slide nicely under a bed, behind a couch, or in any closet. It will doesn’t take up much space

Price- This chair is a little on the pricier side at $110. Not many people want to spend that kind of money on a chair; however, if you hunt or fish a lot, or even spend time outdoors, your back and body will thank you.

There have been a few times I had to cut my hunt short due to being too uncomfortable in the little fold up chairs or cushioned 5 gallon buckets I use in a ground blind. With the Sitting Hawk Chair, I didn’t experience any of these issues. I found that the chair lived up to all of their claims.

This chair is great for hunting, fishing, or any outdoor adventure. It has been added to my list of necessary gear for outdoor trips.

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