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In recent years, winter and spring have found me in the field pursuing coyotes, wolves, bears, and turkeys. The nature of hunting these animals often involves spending a lot of time sitting, watching and waiting, usually in the snow or mud where it can be a real challenge to keep my bow or rifle clean and dry. So I was excited to have an opportunity to try out SRB Field Rest.

SRB Field Rests consist of very sturdy plastic U-shaped supports that set into metal sockets that are driven into the ground. They are strong enough to easily penetrate hard ground without bending. I was impressed with the quality and durability of this product. The light weight and compact size makes for easy transport and storage. There are no complicated steps to set it up –simply drive the sockets into the ground (there is even a special tool to make pushing the sockets into the ground easier) and place the rests into the socket. That’s it! You’re ready to set your weapon into it and start hunting.

The rests are designed to accommodate any kind of gun, scoped or not, as well as bows and even crossbows. Rests can be used in blind or any time you are hunting stationary on the ground. They keep the weapon up out of the dirt, snow, or water to keep them clean and easily accessible when they are needed. There are also extensions available to increase the height and allow for use in deeper snow, or for a bow with a nocked arrow. This is such a simple concept, but to my knowledge no similar product is available on the market today.

I used the rests while turkey hunting this spring. I transported the rests in the side pocket of my pack and had room to spare. Set up took less than 30 seconds. My compound bow fit easily into the rests and felt very secure and stable, yet easily accessible when I needed it. I did not have the extensions, but because I like to have my bow nocked and ready, I tried it with these rests. With some strategic angling of the rests, it worked fairly well. The only drawback was that when I took my bow from the rest, the string caught and pulled it out of the socket, which caused a loud clanking noise on the metal. If I were using a gun, I would have to be careful not to let my sling catch. That was my only concern about the product. A simple modification to make the connection via a twist-lock or button-lock would make these rests foolproof.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 8.26.33 AM

The basic set, which consists of two rests and two sockets, is very reasonably priced at $24.95. The driver tool is a great addition, especially for women. It helps drive the socket into hard ground more easily and without hurting your hands. It is available for only $3.95. A full set with extensions is priced $39.95.

I would highly recommend SRB Field Rests to anyone who hunts stationary on the ground whether you are hunting ducks, geese, turkeys, deer, or predators. I plan to complete my set with the extensions for the added versatility. It is the perfect solution to keeping your weapon clean, dry, secure, and at the same time easily accessible.

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