Product Review – Teton Sports Summit1500 Ultralight Pack

I came across TETON Sports while trying to find some affordable, but still high quality outdoors gear. They have a fantastic website, its simple, clean and to the point. I wouldn’t consider myself an extreme hiker, but I do like to go on short day hikes and be able to carry some basic essentials comfortably with me. The Summit1500 Ultralight Internal Frame Backpack does exactly that and more.

At first glance, it is a small backpack. I think there is ample space to place anything you would need for a basic hike, even an overnight adventure. If you can’t fit what you need in this pack, then you aren’t using it on the correct trip. My supplies included snacks and water bottles for a family of three, camera gear, phones, toddler supplies (toy, food, diapers), a hoodie and change of kiddie clothes. Like I said, I only planned to hike a few miles and a few hours but I could have easily fit a small tent, clothing, food, water, GPS, and some light camp gear in it if I intended to camp for the night. There is even a spot to fit a 2-liter water bladder and drinking tube if your purchase one. So, if I can fit enough items for a day hike for three people, then there is plenty of room for one person’s 1-2 day hiking supplies.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 8.05.35 AM I liked having easy access mesh pockets for my phone (GPS/additional camera) and a water bottle on the outside so I didn’t have to dig through the bag every time. The bag is storm-proof and water-resistant, so I didn’t have any issues placing it on wet ground or worry that my sweating water bottle was going to make anything inside the bag wet, especially the electronic items.

The internal frame is really lightweight and the straps and buckle placement was all very comfortable with plenty of adjustablity. Sometimes I have trouble getting things to adjust small enough because I’m pretty petite but this bag is just the right size for my body and my needs. The hip straps had a nice amount of padding too which I found very nice since with other back packs, after a while I feel straps digging in. The pack also didn’t slide around on my body so there wasn’t any friction to irritate me.

I also hate when I have a back pack and I can feel everything sliding around inside it or things fall out of pockets. This pack is equipped with compression straps to keep things secure, so nothing is clanging around or slipping out.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 8.05.54 AM I definitely have many uses for the Summit1500 in the future. Its going to continue to hold all of my day trip hiking needs, will be on my back when I check trail cams for hunting season, will most likely accompany me on my boat with its water-resistant features, and become a part of my general outdoors go-to gear. I highly recommend this and the rest of TETON Sports products. They are a fantastic company, who interact with their customers and know their needs inside out.

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