Puppy Love!

Dogs make me happy! There is nothing like a wagging tail and a slobbery hello kiss that can make a bad day good! Puppy breath can turn any frown upside down! I can say whole heatedly that I absolutely adore dogs! I currently have quiet a few in my family, four to be exact. There are two Labrador Retrievers, one Boxer, and a Labrador mix. If I had the room and monetary means I would probably have several more, but as of now I have been cut off at four.

I once read somewhere dogs don’t have to live here on earth so long cause they are already good and get to go to heaven before people do! It made me smile! The hardest thing for me being a pet owner is knowing the reality of them not being here forever. In my book… All Dogs go to heaven! The reality of my doggy entourage becoming smaller is oh to relevant these days.

Tippy my boxer turned thirteen November 2012. I also had Tippy’s mother Gidget but she passed a few years back at age ten. Tippy is still getting around and in good health other than a few lumps that recently emerged on her. She has already exceeded everyone’s expectations of a Boxers life expectancy. She has a very chill personality and has always been, well Tipper the Ripper. Anyone who owns a boxer or has been around that breed of dog for any amount of time knows they are a very gassy breed!

Daisy Momma is my twelve year old yellow lab. She is the mother of my male lab Rollie Pants who passed a few years ago. Daisy is still going strong. She has some hip and joint issues that we give her meds for, but other than that she is still spunky and chases the occasional squirrel. She is a super sweet Momma dog that can’t stand to not be in the same rooms as you. She is one of those labs that shadow you!

My hunting buddy of the bunch is my chocolate lab Roxie Roo. My Roo dog is eight and just now getting a peppered grey chin. It makes her look so dignified, like she is the older, knowledgable bird dog. Roxie is my easiest of all my dogs when it comes to obedience. She loves to play dress up, especially in Camo. The Roo and I have had many photo shoots together. She is defiantly a camera hog and has many looks! Roxie was even the ring barer in our wedding! Her favorite thing above all is bird hunting, but she is partial to duck hunting because of the water! Man can the Roo swim!

The only one I have left to talk about is Pepper! Now what is there to say about stinky dirty Peppi? Well she is a stinker and I found her on the street starving to death, infested with fleas and mites. I took her to the vet and had her fixed and cleaned up with the intention of just fostering her. Well here it is three years later and she is a permanent fixture in the family. Pepper is a small- medium dog ( smedium size ) and is only around thirty pounds. Pepper has Labrador and Dachshund in her. She has a total weenie head personality no doubt. She is a super stubborn, smart dog that let’s her excellent nose get her in trouble.

My four girls keep me active and happy! I look at my older dogs in their senior years and I realize I need to cherish every last minute I have left with them. It’s hard watching them get old! I am a true animal lover! My companions are not only those of the K9 species. I also have birds and a handful of cats, but it is my dogs that light up my life. Dogs truly are mans best friend! Dogs rule, Cats drool! Shhhhh, don’t tell my cats I said that 😉

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  1. Jeff

    I love you. Seriously, I love dogs and anyone that loves them as much as me. They are a gift from god. They want to please us and mine do a great job at it.
    I have had as many as 8 at one time. Quite a handful but would not trade that time for anything. All rescues. So many are being mistreated and I am always looking out for them.
    I take them out to the country and they run and run and run until they drop. We all have so much fun. What is so cool is they all run in one big pack. Fun to watch. Thank you for being a dog lover and please promote adopting dogs from shelters. Don’t let them get killed because of designer puppy breeders.

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