Quack, Quack, Quack

Duck season is here and I am sooooooo ready! Unfortunately, I already missed early teal season this year. I have my fingers crossed for the second split though December 8th through January 27th. Luckily this is typically the best time for duck hunting in the Corpus Christi area. The 80 – 90 degree weather we have had lately is not the best for hunting all around. I can’t complain though about wearing shorts and flip flops in November. I am eager though to trade in those flops for a nice pair of waders and a cold front followed by the ducks. I can’t wait for those beautiful yet miserable, drizzly, boat rides to the duck blinds. I also look forward the symphony of shotguns blasting away like alarm clocks in the early morning when the ducks start pouring in. Then for the rest of the day all you can think about at work is the weekend when you’ll get the chance to go duck hunting. There is nothing like pulling over on the side of the road just to watch teal swimming in a ditch, that’s when you know it’s time to put the waders on and go.

I have the blinds brushed, islands scouted and decoys ready. I touched up the paint job on a few decoys that had been banged around last year. Painting old decoys is a cheaper, yet more time consuming alternative to buying new ones. I even got out my good old Benelli 12 gauge in anticipation! Roxie Roo Dog, my chocolate lab, looked at me in confusion when I aimed and pretended to shoot the mounted ducks on the wall. She barked as if to tell me she is ready to go too! Any time Roxie sees guns she gets all excited, wags and whines. I’ve repeatedly gone over my “to-do” list for Duck Season: check boat, check decoys, repaint decoys, check waders, clean shot guns, shoot some skeet, stock up on ammo, work with dogs, work on duck calls, and read a few DU magazines to get in the mood! Quack, quack! I’m ready to go!

In Corpus Christi and surrounding area we have several different duck hunting possibilities. We can hunt anywhere from blinds in the bays and marsh lands to island embankments and ponds. Airboats are the easiest way to get to most spots, but any boat will do. If you are real hardcore you could even grab a few decoys and a kayak and head to a ducky spot. Depending on where you hunt you would use different types and numbers of decoys. You do not always have to have a huge spread to get them to come in. The mojo teal motion decoys have always been pretty successful for me. If you choose to use the moving decoys don’t forget to bring extra batteries. That salt water can corrode batteries fast.

We have a wide variety of ducks that migrate down here. On a typical bay hunt you can almost always redheads, pintails, buffleheads, widgeons, blue and green winged teal, and even scaup. Then you also have the occasional mallard, shovler, or canvas back. Don’t be surprised if you even see a few mergansers, golden eyes or black ducks dive bomb your set up. I really love that about this area, so many opportunities to see such a wide variety of Duck species. I however, have my heart set on a cinnamon teal this season to complete my trophy teal mount. I have never seen one here. I will most likely have to go inland to Choke Canyon for one of these. We do have blue and green winged teal and which are very fun to hunt. You have to be on your “A” game when taking shots at these little speed demons. They are super sneaky fast! I love it when they surprise you and zoom by!

My love for ducks started with watching them as a child. A big part of duck hunting is just watching the ducks and enjoying them in their true element. Sometimes that means letting ducks land and swim around in your decoy spread because you have already shot your limit of that species. I don’t view this as a bad or disappointing thing. It is enjoyable observing the ducks reaction to the decoys. If they don’t fly off it is like having live decoys which is good for any type of hunt. You have to be very cautious and conscious of the species you are trying to take and not going over your specific limits for each one.. Duck hunting is a blast! I recommend it to all hunters! Get out there and whack some Quackers! Be sure to include family, friends, and children, so everyone can enjoy the awesome sport of duck hunting together.

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