Quacker Smackers – My Love of Shotguns

Growing up I always had an interest in firearms. Guns have always held my interest and kept my attention, but my feelings for shotguns are a little bit more heartfelt! Yes I do kind of have issues with my admiration and love of shotguns! Shot guns have such a variety of choices. The different gauges, the craftsmanship, the different styles, and different uses for shotguns are just a few reasons why I am infatuated with them! Some of then are absolutely beautiful…….if a gun could be described as “sexy” it would most definitely be a shotgun!

Over the years I have acquired a few shot guns. I started off shooting a pump when I was younger and have moved on to semi automatics for duck hunting. I have my faithful semi auto 12 gauge that I have grown attached to the last few years. So attached I named the gun….she is a Benelli M2 Field. I appropriately named her “Nelli Benelli the Quacker Smacker!” Another one of my shotguns that I have grown attached to is my 28 gauge over and under Remington Premier Upland. I use this one for shooting dove and quail. It’s sporty and has a very smooth action, not to mention beautiful details on the side! I named her “Fancy”! Yes all my guns are ladies, lovely,deadly ladies… ha ha!
I really do love a buttery smooth over and under. I enjoy the way they feel to open and close….. and the mere beauty of an over and under gets me excited!
If I had unlimited resources say, lottery winnings, I would no doubt buy a big deep sea fishing boat and start a collection of shotguns! I have several on my wish list! There are two in particular that have had my eye for years! I have always wanted a Browning Citori! I would rather have that gun than diamond earrings or any other girly thing in comparison any day. The Citori’s history is classic and it is a gorgeous gun! This gun has been in my head for years but here lately the Cynergy’s comparable craftsmanship and new look has been leading me astray. I am very torn between these two over and under shotguns! I am looking at a 20 gauge in this style but seriously don’t know which one to buy. I have also been eyeing side by sides. I do not own one yet and am very interested in side by sides as well! So what do you think my next shot gun should be?…………….I am open to suggestions!

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